SCADA Summit 2021 Pre-Conference Workshop

DNP3: SCADA, Clear and Simple

Andrew West, B.Eng., B.Sc., MIEEE, Regional Technical Director  SUBNET Solutions, Inc.

Derrick Mack, C.E.T., Substation Integration Specialist • SUBNET Solutions, Inc.

November 2nd - 12:30PM - 4:30PM

Workshop Cost - $400

Derrick Mack, C.E.T, and Substation Specialist, will explain the philosophy (and terminology) underpinning DNP3 and clarify a number of areas that people sometimes find difficult to grasp. Some lesser-known features of DNP3 and current developments will also be discussed. 

This workshop introduces modern SCADA concepts and describes how the DNP3 SCADA protocol supports them. The more advanced user will gain clarity in understanding “why” things are done as they are, not just “how”. The workshop addresses needs of both implementors (equipment manufacturers) and end users (system engineers).

Workshops Agenda: 

DNP3 Philosophy & Terminology


Data Models, Data Types & Structures

Data Collection & Control Mechanisms

DNP3 Classes

DNP3 Subset Levels

Less well-known features:

  • Engineering

  • Cybersecurity

  • Mapping to IEC 61850

  • DER applications

  • Conformance Testing


Target Audience

Engineers and technicians responsible for design, specification, configuration, installation and fault-finding of SCADA equipment that uses DNP3 for transmission of SCADA data. The presentation assumes that attendees have some familiarity with SCADA systems, but does not require previous detail knowledge of DNP3.


Andrew West is SUBNET Solution’s Regional Technical Director for Oceania. He is envisioning our next generation of substation automation and control products and offerings. His particular focus is the integrity of the field side of SCADA systems, including communications systems, cyber-security and substation automation systems. He has particular expertise in SCADA protocols and communications and is part DNP Users Group Technical Committee and Spokesperson for IEC TC57 WG03 (IEC 60870-5). Andrew holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree (1979) and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science, Psychology) degree the University of Queensland, (1981).

Derrick Mack has been with SUBNET Solutions Inc. since July 2012. Derrick completed his Electrical Engineering Technology diploma with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and has worked in the SCADA industry since 2006 programming substations and providing support to customers. As a Substation Integration Specialist at SUBNET, Derrick is responsible for system designs and integrations, IED configurations, network configurations, SCADA Protocol testing, software testing, and product training. Derrick is a C.E.T. registered with ASET and is a member of the DNP Users Group.

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