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Prabhu Srinivasan | Technical Team Lead, Operations & Data Analytics |

Vermilion Energy

Prabhu Srinivasan has been working at Vermilion Energy for over 11 years. He has held several roles that includes Operations Engineering, Facilities Engineering and Asset Integrity before moving into his current role as Technical Team Lead – Operations & Data Analytics. In this role, he is responsible for providing mentorship, technical guidance and strategic oversight to the Operations Team with respect to data and technology. Prabhu has a  Master of Applied Science in Industrial Systems Engineering from the University of Regina. 


How to utilize SCADA /IoT data effectively in Operations and improve business workflow? How it fits into the overall data strategy?

Companies are installing or installed devices that generates a  lot of time series data from SCADA and IoT devices. The data generated from these devices are stranded with multiple vendors and at multiple places within the company. Overall, it is not used very effectively across the organization.  


This presentation will talk about how to utilize this data effectively to bring value to Operations and how to combine with other data  to bring meaningful impact to business and improve business workflows. Real case studies of using SCADA data into business will be discussed.