Jim Montgomery | Principal Solution Architect | TXOne Networks

Jim Montgomery is a 30-year veteran of IT security working in all aspects of solution design, deployment an implementation. During this time, he has helped several fortune 100 companies implement complex strategies for operational efficiency and secure processing. Jim is currently focused on OT/ICS architecture design and implementation, emphasizing targeted approaches to solve specific functional goals while keeping the environment operational.


Is ‘Wait-and-See’ a Good OT Security Strategy?

Modernization of operational technology has brought about significant challenges. Can we justify a wait-and-see approach when it comes to securing OT? The operations in OT/ICS used to be relatively straight forward, but as we become more dependent on connectivity, the challenges when it comes to securing assets become more complex. We’ll focus on use cases that deal with some of the most prevalent issues organizations encounter today: Legacy systems, insecure protocols, and ‘whose job is it anyway?’ are some of the topics we’ll discuss.