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Marc Taccolini | Founder & CTO | Tatsoft

Marc is a Software System Architect with twenty-nine years of technical experience managing every aspect of the software development process, from designing and programming to launching the product in the marketplace.
He has been a Pioneer in applying Windows CE and Apple iOS to industrial automation and HMI products and specialist on Microsoft .NET Framework, cloud and related technologies.


Self-Aware SCADA – Auto Discover Tags and Build your Visual Application

We will explain and show the value of a Self-Aware Dynamic SCADA system that can auto build your SCADA Graphics and applications based on dynamically connecting to newly added assets or any data model.


For over 30 years, with the creation of the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), we have had the first steps for dynamic networks that can discover new devices by automatically joining existing TCP/IP networks. 


As technology evolved with new protocols and dynamic data model definitions, enabling the creation of adaptive systems that could handle the addition, removal and modification of assets as seamlessly as possible, with minimal need for modification to accurately identify the connected systems.


One example of that evolution is the MQTT Sparkplug B protocol, allowing the data broker to easily integrate the new devices and the data model. Modern systems combine data dynamically from MQTT Brokers and OPC-UA data models as well as  Process Historian and other repositories. 


Despite the evolution of dynamic discovery at the networking and protocol level, the SCADA software and data presentation level still needs manual specific address mapping, configuration and laborious user interfaces editing, when adding, deleting, or modifying the assets after initial system deployment. We all know that most real-world environments always experience change.


This session we will present some of techniques that allows the creation of self-aware Scada software applications, which will adapt automatically to the new devices and data models as they are dynamically found, without the need for further configuration step to integrate the new assets and the associated graphics and application, thus Self-Aware SCADA.