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Software AG’s Releases TrendMiner 2020.R2

Software AG’s TrendMiner has released TrendMiner 2020.R2. This latest release sets new standards in usability of self-service industrial analytics for operational experts. 2020.R2 makes it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions for production process performance optimization. TrendMiner has overhauled its user interface to help operational experts solve production issues easier and faster with big time-series data analysis. Previously only available in English, this release will now also support German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin and Simplified Chinese languages.

“Over the years, as a result of working closely with our customers, we’ve gradually extended the TrendMiner capabilities to other search dimensions, adding new functionalities such as the tag builder, influence factors and recommendation engine etc. in line with our users’ analytics expectations. However, growing a product is not only about adding new capabilities, it’s also about improving the product experience for our users,” said Nick Van Damme, Director of Products at TrendMiner.

Next generation productivity in Industrial Analytics

TrendMiner enables production experts in process manufacturing industries to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance using sensor-generated time-series data. These operational experts, and all the use cases they have worked on over the years, have been very influential in bringing new TrendMiner capabilities to market quickly.

Nick Van Damme continued: “Ease-of-use for all users is crucial for the successful democratization of analytics. Over the years we have received many usability improvement ideas and feature requests from our users. Today’s new TrendHub interface is the result of working with our users, our customer success engineers and our customers to make the TrendMiner experience faster and easier for everyone. The new trend analysis client will help process and asset experts analyze their production processes and improve operational performance faster than ever, making their company more agile to address fast changing market demands.

Multi-language support for our global user community

Many TrendMiner customers operate in multiple countries, with users who prefer to use applications in their local language. Besides English, TrendMiner 2020.R2 makes the full application available in: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin and Simplified Chinese. The language the user sees is determined by the language setting of their web browser.

In-app notification center makes 24/7 automated process monitoring worry-free

TrendMiner has always provided an inbox for all notifications triggered by user-created process performance monitors. TrendMiner 2020.R2 extends this service with a new in-app notification center, which informs users of a range of background operations. These include sharing of work items, status updates of context items imports & exports, status update of OSIsoft PI AF/EF synchronizations, and notifications of monitors that have been turned off by the system. The new notification center will improve global collaboration as well as the use of the platform for 24/7 automated process monitoring.

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