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Smart Pipeline Monitoring Device Enables Data-driven Leak and Burst Prevention

Syrinix has launched PIPEMINDER-ONE, the next generation of smart water distribution network monitoring hardware. The evolutionary system has been designed to enhance the way utility companies use data by providing actionable insights to calm networks and reduce leakage and bursts.

"PIPEMINDER-ONE is a step change in efficient and effective network management,” said James Dunning, CEO, Syrinix. “Utilities are running faster and faster in the battle to reduce leakage and bursts on aging networks. With the data provided by PIPEMINDER-ONE and the analysis and services provided by Syrinix, utilities can see and address many of the underlying causes of those leaks and bursts and take new and significant steps forward in prolonging asset infrastructure and pinpointing problems.”

Building on the smart functionality of previous PIPEMINDER technologies, the new system features improved processing capabilities that enable smart transient event detection and automated alarms, with a cellular connection that can make use of all available networks. An expanded battery offering incorporates a selection of rechargeable and single-use options to support highly configurable data transfers as often as every 15 minutes.

Combined with the RADAR cloud-based platform from Syrinix, deployments of PIPEMINDER-ONE can detect network-wide pressure events, classify and recognize event types and triangulate event sources with high-resolution data capture. Network data, events and activity can be integrated live into third-party analyses and SCADA systems. RADAR can also receive SCADA asset data feeds to analyze pressure events alongside everyday network activity.

PIPEMINDER-ONE has been priced for high-volume deployment to enable more devices in the field, increasing the level of data to reveal exactly is happening in the distribution network and why.

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