• Nick D

SignalFire RANGER Sensor-to-Cloud Platform Adds Modbus Option

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry now offers its RANGER Sensor-To-Cloud platform with a Modbus option that allows users to monitor or control Modbus devices right from the cloud. This cellular-based transmitter utilizes a 4G LTE-M platform to connect industrial sensors directly to the cloud for remote monitoring, control, and alarming from any web browser, including mobile devices.

The Modbus option simplifies the task for bringing data from any Modbus RTU-enabled device directly to the Cloud and supports full Modbus read and write capability. It can also be used to aggregate SignalFire 900MHz nodes to the cloud by connecting the RANGER to a SignalFire Gateway Stick or DIN Gateway. The Modbus option is a daughter card that may be ordered with a new Ranger or added to an existing unit.

Offering a web- and mobile-friendly SignalFire Cloud interface, the RANGER allows users to remotely monitor assets, view trends, and receive alarms either by text or email. It also supports remote configuration and troubleshooting of the RANGER node and attached sensors.

The Modbus configuration may be done locally using a micro-USB cable and the SignalFire Ranger ToolKit, or configuration can be done remotely utilizing the SignalFire Cloud. The Ranger can also be configured to power attached Modbus sensor(s) using either its internal high capacity battery pack or an optional solar package. The Ranger supports up to a total of 32 Modbus datapoints from up to 8 attached Modbus-RTU devices.

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