• Nick D

RACO Adds Cloud-Based SCADA Capabilities to Expand Alarm Data

RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co. has introduced significant Cloud-Based SCADA enhancements to its AlarmAgent.com product. AlarmAgent.com provides real-time visibility that protects remote critical assets through an easy-to-configure interface.

Newly expanded Human-Machine Interface (HMI) customization options allow customers to visualize their AlarmAgent.com data within their preferred dashboards and screens. The resulting real-time views can reveal the state of the customer's entire facility ecosystem.

Robust data visualization and reporting are now available on demand on any Internet-connected device, giving customers peace of mind that even their most remote devices are operating properly. This lets customers proactively monitor the health of their equipment rather than relying on trouble-based notifications.

The new Cloud-Based SCADA capabilities also enables customers to use OPC connections to integrate AlarmAgent.com functionality with their existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) tools.

The Cloud-Based SCADA capabilities will be demonstrated November 20-21, 2019 at Rockwell Automation's - Automation Fair in Chicago at Booth 1515. Engineers will be available to discuss how the technology can be seamlessly integrated into an existing system.

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