• Nick D

Pasternack Launches New Line of Rubber Duck Antennas

Pasternack has released a new line of rubber duck antennas that are designed to address WLAN, IoT, Utilities, SCADA, LoRA, cellular and inventory tracking applications.

Pasternack’s 12 new rubber duck antenna models can be used as replacements for OEM stock antennas found on many access point and routers, and offer higher gain options for better signal strength and building penetration.

Both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz models are available with tilt and swivel designs, as well as rigid-style connectors which can be weatherproofed. Connector options include RP-SMA, N-Type, SMA and RP-TNC options.

"Our new rubber duck antenna additions are a perfect for use in upgrading stock rubber ducks found on many access points, routers and other communications devices. With an economical price point and high-quality construction, these antennas were built to perform and meet just about any budget," said Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager.

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