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ITAIPU Updates its Energy Production SCADA System

The ITAIPU Binacional has completed the update of its main power generation and transmission control system, called SCADA. This modernization, started in 2018, prepares the hydroelectric plant for the Technological Update project, which is in the contracting phase and should be extended for the next 14 years.

The first version of SCADA / EMS was installed in 2000 and a system update (called NMR3) was performed between 2008 and 2010. As the useful life of this second version was approaching, it was necessary to perform a new software update, in addition to renew the hardware (servers, networks and cybersecurity devices and consoles).

The new system (NMR5) will remain in operation until the complete renovation of the plant's supervision and control structure, foreseen in the Technological Update, which will allow a safe and reliable transition, guaranteeing its operation throughout the period.

According to what was reported by the Engineering Superintendence of the Technical Directorate, which coordinated the modernization work, the SCADA/EMS is an important, complex and multidisciplinary project. It involves the Superintendent of the Technical Directorate and the Purchasing and Materials Superintendent of the Financial Directorate.

It is in the updating of the Scada and EMS software where the ITAIPU teams (especially the Systems Support Group - GSS, of the Superintendent of Operations) played a fundamental role, since several applications were partially or totally developed within the Entity.

Among the adaptations made, explained from the Superintendent of Engineering, are the automatic voltage and generation controllers; short-term hydropower scheduling / execution applications; and the applications responsible for data transfer between the Scada / EMS system and the corporate network environment.

They highlighted that the possibility of adaptation and development of new applications guarantees full compliance with the requirements of the specific processes of ITAIPU, helping to improve the reliability and efficiency necessary for the Operation.

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