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Iron-IQ Sparks Oil & Gas SCADA Revolution with Industry-Specific Features & Automation

Iron-IQ kicks off 2021 by offering mid-market oil and gas operators a more sensible way of getting all their equipment, people, and processes connected within the cloud. Now operators don’t have to spend a small fortune in CAPEX or heavy OPEX maintenance costs to have best-in-class SCADA and workflow automation.

“After working in the patch for hundreds of hours, dealing with the hassles and high-cost of on-premise SCADA solutions. Our team knew there had to be a better way,” commented Iron-IQ CEO, Michael Ligrani.

Iron-IQ’s platform pushes the edge of SCADA technology with powerful tools like integrated NodeRED automation, advanced Production Forecasting, and intelligent alarms. “We taught it to play nice with others so it’s third party friendly too,” Ligrani said. “Our SCADA system is able to think, enabling people to avoid the pain of trying to get their SCADA system to integrate with other software. Now, it’s right at their fingertips.”

Their advantages aren’t all technological. Having merged with an established production optimization software company, Iron-IQ offer deep domain expertise encoded into their system. With multiple petroleum and automation engineers on staff, they can quickly get your operations online and optimized.

“SCADA systems should be simple to use, customizable, and easy to access by anyone regardless of their company size,” Michael explained, “It shouldn’t matter if you and your son are working a dozen wells or you’ve got a team of 100 guys; everyone deserves a dependable system that transfers directly into their operations. That’s why we started the SCADA revolution with Iron-IQ.”

More and more companies are choosing to join the SCADA revolution. Migration from existing legacy systems is fast and well supported. Iron-IQ provides internal IT and OT support to make transitioning quick and painless.

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