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Inductive Automation Announces Improved Solutions for Digital Transformation

Inductive Automation has announced significant improvements to three products, and a new development resource. All four make it easier for organizations to realize their goals in digital transformation.

The four solutions relate to Ignition by Inductive Automation. Ignition is an industrial application platform with tools for building solutions in human-machine interface (HMI), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Ignition is used in virtually every industry, in more than 100 countries. The solutions include:

  • New and improved products for Ignition Edge.

  • An expansion of the Ignition Onboard program.

  • Improvements to the Ignition Perspective Module.

  • A new, free resource for developers: Ignition Exchange.

For many organizations, digital transformation has been difficult. Many don’t know where to start. Once they do get started, common problems include difficulty collecting data at the edge of the network, challenges with turning data into action, obstacles in project development and deployment, and prohibitive costs. The new and improved solutions from Ignition address all of these issues, and make digital transformation not just possible, but also easy.

Ignition Edge will soon have three new products. Ignition Edge is a line of lightweight, limited, low-cost Ignition software solutions designed for embedding into field and OEM devices at the edge. They allow organizations to extend data collection, visualization, and system management to the edge of the network.

With the new products coming soon, the lineup will include Ignition Edge Panel, Ignition Edge Compute, Ignition Edge Sync Services, Ignition Edge EAM (Enterprise Administration Module), and Ignition Edge IIoT.

The Ignition Onboard program now has easier access to industrial hardware that comes with Ignition already installed, configured, and licensed. Numerous device manufacturers are embedding Ignition and Ignition Edge into their devices — including Advantech, Moxa, OnLogic, Opto 22, and ORing.

The Ignition Perspective Module now has more features to help turn data into smart industrial applications. It lets users easily build mobile industrial applications in HTML5 for monitoring and control of their processes directly from their mobile phones.

Ignition Exchange is a new, online space where developers can get free Ignition resources provided by Inductive Automation and the Ignition community. These resources can save lots of time for developers.

“Many organizations have hit roadblocks in their digital transformation efforts,” said Don

Pearson, chief strategy officer for Inductive Automation. “These new and improved solutions are helping people move past those. When you give people unlimited licensing, more power at the edge, software pre-installed on devices, better mobility, and an entire community of development resources, they can move forward in ways they never could before.”

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