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Enrich IIoT Edge Data Management to Deliver Automation, Efficiency, and Productivity

ITTIA has announced a design-win enabling BitCtrl to unlock the value of data. ITTIA DB SQL extends data management automation capabilities to FlexCtrl and helps significantly improve system data storage and processing.

Automation enables always-on systems to enhance the delivery of goods and provide seamless continuity for maximum profit and productivity. Automation systems generally include sensors and devices that collect, and are required to make sense of, a large quantity of data, then utilize that data to automate and manage industrial processes. Connected sensors are required to understand the collected data as the volume increases exponentially.

In architecting IIoT solutions to collect, store and act, device data management requires new approach. In a continuous effort to accelerate the collection and understanding of a large flow of data, BitCtrl has taken a leadership step and delivered FlexCtrl to meet the needs for the process industry, smart factory, water and energy (electric/gas) distribution, and traffic control markets. FlexCtrl embeds ITTIA DB SQL to store, secure, distribute and act on industrial systems data to make critical decisions.

FlexCtrl is a middleware solution that creates control and monitoring applications in industrial automation systems. Implemented for “Industry 4.0”, FlexCtrl addresses requirements such as seamless connectivity, data-centric applications, high dependability, 24/7 operation, real-time performance, and long product lifetimes in the field. FlexCtrl provides a robust, standardized system core combined with a variety of interfaces and auxiliary components that allow a high level of customization to meet individual customer needs. Engineers can interface with the core using either a PLC-type scripting language based on IEC 61131-3, a native C/C++ SDK, or a remote web service. The interfaces are independent of each other and can be used simultaneously.

FlexCtrl has already successfully been selected and deployed by industry-leading customers, including GF Casting Solutions, a division of Georg Fischer AG, Cegelec Actemium, and many others.

ITTIA DB SQL software enables manufacturers and architects of industrial systems to securely collect, process and distribute data in real time. It unlocks the power of sensors and devices to gain intelligence and take action.

“In order to bring our proven FlexCtrl solution to the next level and make it fit for the Industrial IoT, we needed a much more flexible and robust storage solution for the historic data. Our systems collect and manage data for many years, and this is the digital gold that our customers harvest,” said Prof. Gunter Geigemüller, BitCtrl CEO. He added, “Data must be handled by a safe, secure and robust database, and we recognized that we needed a special partner helping us achieve this. ITTIA DB SQL provided all the core features we needed right in their standard product and was therefore a natural choice.”

“Our total solution combines two industry-leading offerings into a unique answer for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), market,” said Sasan Montaseri, President of ITTIA. “VARs and OEMs can now benefit from data management and monitoring insight capabilities to deliver automation, efficiency, and productivity. A world-class product like FlexCtrl, embedded with ITTIA DB SQL, empowers manufactures to build systems that continuously manage the flow of data to make real-time decisions.”

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