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Danielle Jablanski | OT Cyber Security Strategist | Nozomi Networks

Danielle Jablanski is Nozomi Network’s OT Cybersecurity Strategist, responsible for researching global cybersecurity topics and promoting OT and ICS cybersecurity awareness throughout the industry. Danielle is also a non-resident fellow with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative in the Scowcroft Center for Strategy at the Atlantic Council. She has been responsible for conducting academic and market research on emerging technologies throughout her career, and has independently consulted for the US government and a technology startup on novel technology applications for the military, Department of Defense, and commercial sectors. 

Chris Grove | Product Evangelist | Nozomi Networks

Chris Grove is Nozomi Network’s Product Evangelist, with more than 25 years of cybersecurity experience and deep knowledge of IT, OT and IoT networks and mission-critical infrastructure. His prior experience includes managing large, critical and complex security projects around the world for customers of leading IT and OT cybersecurity vendors. Security executives turn to Chris for his expertise in almost every sector including commercial, government, defense, law enforcement, and the intelligence community


Cloud Based Monitoring and Control for OT/ICS Security 

As industrial operations continue to assess and plan for the management of cloud adoption and migration, operators can leverage the cloud to do ICS security, even on-Prem - integrating sensors, smart devices, SCADA, and facility and industrial site monitoring.  While ICS in the cloud is a futuristic topic, Cloud Based Monitoring and Control for OT/ICS Security is here today. For some asset owners, cloud security for OT/ICS may bolster new installations and greenfield projects, and for others, the ability to leverage security in the cloud may offer a catalyst for future cloud-based technologies, data analytics, and IIoT integration. 


According to the 2021 SANS OT/ICS Survey, 49% of respondents were using cloud technologies for operations support, and 32% were using cloud technologies for control critical activities. The move to the cloud presents attractive new business drivers for critical operations and resource efficiency, and unique challenges for remote access and malicious network intrusions. Join Nozomi Networks to discuss levels of cloud adoption in OT/ICS, trends in the marketplace, and take away strategies for cyber resilience with data on-site and in the cloud.