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Prasad Pai | Sr. Director of Product Management | General Electric

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Prasad has over 20 years helping align industrial customer and partner needs with software product and platform value. A proven leader that follows a customer and partner centric approach to product management, product marketing, industry segmentation, Go To Market strategies and product value creation.


The evolution of HMI/SCADA systems, from Supervisory to Advisory

HMI/SCADA, since its introduction has taken various forms and have been defined/redefined multiple times. However, their evolution has not been more pronounced than in the last 5-7 years. Some may debate that HMI/SCADA systems were the first form of IoT solutions, however, the IoT era began in earnest in 2015 and since then HMI/SCADA as a solution and concept has started to take on a different meaning. IoT combined with the Digitalization push and  interest of Cloud technologies into the OT space have led to a truly transformational need for traditional SCADA systems. The Supervisory aspect of a SCADA has moved to becoming increasing Advisory fueled with AI/ML technologies that are increasingly becoming mainstream.


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