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Santitos Garcia Zamora | High Voltage Substation Project Engineer | ENEL

Santitos graduated in 1996 as an Electrical Engineer as well obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering, from the National University of Callao. He holds two master's degrees, Electrical Power Systems and Engineering Project Management. He has been with ENEL PERU for 24 years. Responsible for High Voltage Substation Unit, Discharge Line Unit and High Voltage Substation Protection and Control Unit.

Andrew West | Regional Technical Director | SUBNET Solutions

Andrew West is a software engineer with qualifications in electrical engineering, computer science and psychology. He has worked as a SCADA engineer for over 35 years, with the majority of that time in electric utility and substation automation applications, working for utilities, equipment vendors, integrators and as a consultant, including involvement with ICS cybersecurity since 2004.


Since 1996 he has participated in the development of IEC and IEEE Standards for SCADA and power grid automation. He Chairs the DNP Technical Committee, is Spokesperson for the committee responsible for IEC 60870-5-101 / -104 and is a member of the committee responsible for IEC 61850. He currently holds the position of Regional Technical Director with SUBNET Solutions, a software company focused on electricity grid data and cybersecurity.


Cloud-Based Management of Power Grid Automation Devices

The electrical distribution utility for the northern region of Lima, ENEL Distribución Perú (ENEL DX), has deployed a private cloud-based computing platform for its grid control system engineering functions while simultaneously implementing new functionality. The new architecture provides enhanced functionality and cybersecurity. Operational efficiency is improved by providing remote engineering access for operational staff and removing their burden of managing the associated OT infrastructure. Grid reliability improvements are brought about by the improved availability of fault data and enhanced ability to manage device configurations. This innovative project is the first stage of a plan for tighter integration of ADMS and Work Management data on the cloud infrastructure.


The presentation will discuss the evolution of the ENEL DX grid equipment and the adoption of new technologies, including IEC 61850-based substation automation systems which have large numbers of devices. The system expansion introduces complexities for the efficient management of fault records and device configurations. ENEL DX has policies for technology innovation and organizational practices that have seen close cooperation between IT and OT to develop and deploy advanced technology for grid management. oNe of these technologies is deployment of a cloud-based system for automation system device management. A new cybersecurity architecture was designed to safeguard interconnections between substation equipment, the control centres and the cloud-hosted device management system. The new system implements Role-Based Access Controls to permit authorized personnel to readily perform their duties while protecting devices and information from inadvertent or deliberate modification by others. The system has resulted in improved power quality with reduced time for restoration after power outages and improved staff efficiency by reducing the number of site visits required for system maintenance.