Ben Jackman CISSP | Sales Director | Claroty

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With over 15 years of experience in Operational Technology, Ben brings a hands-on perspective to the OT cybersecurity industry - starting as an automation engineer programming and commissioning DCS and PLCs around the world. After championing cybersecurity services and building a risk management platform at a major automation vendor, Ben joined Claroty to help secure the cyber physical systems of our connected society. A CISSP and award winning speaker on Digital Transformation, Ben understands the unique challenges and risks with today’s converged enterprise. 


Why Securing XIoT Doesn’t Have to be so Hard

The modernization of industrial environments around the globe is linking asset connectivity to the heart of what sustains everyday life. As assets within the extended internet of things (XIoT) proliferate throughout operational technology networks, priority No. 1 is maintaining an accurate, always up-to-date asset inventory. This presentation will explain why it’s important to understand what assets are on the network, how they are connected, whether they’re vulnerable to active exploits, and who can access them. Understanding the answers to these questions requires fundamental knowledge about the unique environments they come from, and the ability to tailor cybersecurity solutions to fit them.