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Matt Brunton | Power & Utilities Solutions Architect | Amazon Web Services

Matt has been in the Technology space since he graduated in 1994 with an Honours Degree in Computing (AI Stream). After a number of technical roles utilising SCADA systems in Consumer Appliance manufacturing, he moved to high volume financial instruments in London, and then back to his passion designing integrated control systems for superyachts and high end houses. He is currently a specialist Solutions Architect helping customers in the Power & Utilities sector in Australia design large scale cloud based systems to improve efficiency, drive carbon out of the grid, and optimise systems for cost.


How Cloud Control Systems are Advancing the Renewables Journey in Australia

Australia is leading the world in residential Solar penetration and is accelerating further ahead year by year. This creates many benefits, but also some problems in terms of electrical grid control and stability. This talk highlights a number of recent changes as well as upcoming changes in the way Electricity is delivered to homes and businesses. I will touch on how the cloud is enabling superior weather and load forecasting, also work that is being done in the startup arena to give industrial customers greater control and visibility of their electrical consumption in order to optimise their bills.


Artificial intelligence will play a key role in the future forecasting and coordination of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This has been a huge investment area for all the cloud players, and the ability to access extremely high powered customized AI hardware in an on-demand model where you only pay for what you use, has unlocked many use-cases that would have otherwise be uneconomic for all but the largest players. 


Security will be a critical overlay into the distributed control systems as electricity is part of a nations critical infrastructure. I will touch on how customer perception is changing with respect to cloud technologies, and enhanced security posture is increasingly seen as a major reason to move operations into the cloud.