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Preliminary Program

Improving Distribution Reliability Through Grid Digitalization

Ahmad Ahli | Senior Manager | Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Moustafa Shahin | Manager | Distribution Network Development | DEWA

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is actively contributing to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world. To support this objective, DEWA developed a comprehensive strategy to implement a smart grid program to digitalize power distribution network in Dubai. The presentation will shed the light on DEWA Smart Grid Strategy and distribution automation and self-healing program plans and current progress. The presentation will also introduce Automatic Smart Grid restoration (ASGR) application which is a SCADA module installed within distribution management system (DMS). The main function of the module and field implementation will be explained along with examples of ASGR identify fault location, isolate the faulty area and restore the supply automatically without any human intervention.

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Improving Distribution Reliability Through Grid Digitalization

Santitos Garcia Zamora | High Voltage Substation Project Engineer | ENEL

Andrew West | Regional Technical Director | SUBNET Solutions

The electrical distribution utility for the northern region of Lima, ENEL Distribución Perú (ENEL DX), has deployed a private cloud-based computing platform for its grid control system engineering functions while simultaneously implementing new functionality. The presentation will discuss the evolution of the ENEL DX grid equipment and the adoption of new technologies, including IEC 61850-based substation automation systems which have large numbers of devices. The system expansion introduces complexities for the efficient management of fault records and device configurations. ENEL DX has policies for technology innovation and organizational practices that have seen close cooperation between IT and OT to develop and deploy advanced technology for grid management. oNe of these technologies is deployment of a cloud-based system for automation system device management. The system has resulted in improved power quality with reduced time for restoration after power outages and improved staff efficiency by reducing the number of site visits required for system maintenance.

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How to utilize SCADA /IoT data effectively in Operations and improve business workflow? How it fits into the overall data strategy?

Prabhu Srinivasan | Technical Team Lead, Operations & Data Analytics, CBU | Vermilion Energy

Companies are installing or installed devices that generates a  lot of time series data from SCADA and IoT devices. The data generated from these devices are stranded with multiple vendors and at multiple places within the company. Overall, it is not used very effectively across the organization.  


This presentation will talk about how to utilize this data effectively to bring value to Operations and how to combine with other data  to bring meaningful impact to business and improve business workflows. Real case studies of using SCADA data into business will be discussed. 

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SCADA Reimagined for the IIoT age

Ian Verhappen | Senior Solution Architech | Willowglen Systems

Scott Greig | Senior Product Manager | Willowglen Systems

SCADA systems have been designed to integrate real time information from widely dispersed edge devices since their inception. Does this make them a 'natural' choice to expand that role to the IIoT realm? SCADA has the potential to answer the question "What could you do with inexpensive, easy to add, IIoT devices that can be deployed by anyone who needs them, when and where they need them?" This presentation will discuss how a modern SCADA platform can answer this question with a resounding "Yes!" by addressing the key IIoT challenges, including:

  • order of magnitude increases in the number of devices

  • massive proliferation in the variety of devices to be connected across varied industries

  • wide variation in the capability of the edge devices from single task execution to traditional controller, AI capable processors, and local display devices 

  • large number of messaging formats and protocols and

  • the cybersecurity requirements of widely diverse and dispersed systems into a single integrated SCADA environment. 

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Abstract Coming Soon

TBD| TXOne Technologies

TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of ICS and OT environments through the OT zero trust methodology. We work together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to create practical approaches to cyber defense that eliminate the security weaknesses prevalent in industrial environments.

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Cloud Based Monitoring and Control for OT/ICS Security 

Chris Grove |  Product Evangelist | Nozomi Network

Danielle Jablanski | OT Cybersecurity Strategist | Nozomi Network

As industrial operations continue to assess and plan for the management of cloud adoption and migration, operators can leverage the cloud to do ICS security, even on-Prem - integrating sensors, smart devices, SCADA, and facility and industrial site monitoring.  While ICS in the cloud is a futuristic topic, Cloud Based Monitoring and Control for OT/ICS Security is here today. For some asset owners, cloud security for OT/ICS may bolster new installations and greenfield projects, and for others, the ability to leverage security in the cloud may offer a catalyst for future cloud-based technologies, data analytics, and IIoT integration.

According to the 2021 SANS OT/ICS Survey, 49% of respondents were using cloud technologies for operations support, and 32% were using cloud technologies for control critical activities. The move to the cloud presents attractive new business drivers for critical operations and resource efficiency, and unique challenges for remote access and malicious network intrusions.This session will discuss levels of cloud adoption in OT/ICS, trends in the marketplace, and take away strategies for cyber resilience with data on-site and in the cloud. 

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Panel | Digitalizing the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry 

Zeeshan Shafiq | Sr. Manager- SCADA Engineer | Pattern Energy

Joshua Markham | Sr. Manager- IoT Emerging Technologies | Verizon

Today’s utilities face a digital transformation of their organization, business and operations. This panel session will focus on the challenges, strategies, innovative technologies, ROI and best practices facing the digital transformation of the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

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Blocking Ransomware with SCADA Network Access Verification

Robin Berthier | CEO & Co-Founder | Network Perception

The increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure have reinforced the importance of building resilient cyber infrastructure. Organizations are identifying their critical systems and protecting them with multiple cyber-defense layers. However, many connected systems that form the perimeter of the organization’s network remain exposed. Attackers often exploit the perimeter, leveraging existing networking services and unknown loopholes to reach the network’s crown jewels through lateral movements. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to assess the risk of lateral movement and harden firewall policies to enforce strict network segmentation through a step-by-step case study.

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The IoT InfoSec Conundrum

Michael Skurla |Chief Product Officer | Radix IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing mix of hardware, firmware, cloud services, and, in some cases, dreams that have vast economic and societal significance worldwide. In the end, IoT theoretically brings together what was disjointed to allow for such outcomes as insight, automation, and AI, and ML. Though these outcomes are in debatable states of maturity; yet the irreversible course is that intercommunity of hardware and data are driving a new world. This seminar strives to explain and offer answers to the growing security concern for manufacturers, software platforms, and end users alike so they can invest with clarity as they look to adapt to this new norm. 

Abstract Coming Soon


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Claroty is the industrial cybersecurity company. Trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, Claroty helps customers reveal, protect, and manage their OT, IoT, and IIoT assets. The company’s comprehensive platform connects seamlessly with customers’ existing infrastructure and programs while providing a full range of industrial cybersecurity controls for visibility, threat detection, risk and vulnerability management, and secure remote access.


Applying Analytics to Support ESG Initiatives in Plants and Processes

Roger Quesnel | Chief Operating Officer | SkyFoundry

Corporate and government interest and support for sustainability and “ESG” related policies (Environmental Social and Governance) is growing across all segments of industry. ESG issues are increasingly seen by shareholders as an indicator of a company’s future success and are now a core component of most annual reports by public companies. Key elements of the “E” portion include energy efficiency initiatives, and Greenhouse Gas Emission tracking and reporting


Pushing SCADA to the Edge

Marcia Gadbois | President & General Manager | ADISRA

The global Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) market size was valued at USD 35.38 billion in 2021 and projected to grow to USD 61.22 billion by 2030, according to Precedence Research.  The global SCADA market growth is directly attributed to an increase in cloud-based SCADA system usage; infrastructure development, such as smart cities and transportation; SCADA edge deployment; SCADA analytics; and a high penetration of mobile SCADA systems.  SCADA in the traditional sense is changing and adapting to address the ever-evolving global manufacturing challenges.

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Municipality Information Technology Panel

Cynthia Baughman | Water Utilities Technology Director | City of Garland, TX

John Chaney | IT Communications Manager | City of Irving, TX

Interested in joining this Panel? Contact the Program Team to join!

The panel will feature IT and SCADA technology experts in government and local utilities. The panel will focus on; SCADA systems & challenges, industry 4.0, Digitalization, Emerging technologies, Cyber security.