Why Attend?

The SCADA Technology Summit will bring together a cross-section of SCADA and ICS end-users to present, educate and analyze the latest advances in the rapidly changing market of control and automation. The SCADA Technology Summit is dedicated to educating operational and IT professions from the electric/TD, water & Wastewater, oil & gas, telecommunications, rail/transportation and industrial automation markets about the latest developments in critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Target Attendees/Who Should Attend:

  • End-users and mangers of ICS and SCADA Systems and Technology working in electric/TD, water & Wastewater, oil & gas, telecommunications, rail/transportation and industrial/process automation.
  • Program managers, operations managers, control systems engineers, enterprise IT managers, security professionals, critical infrastructure protection specialists, maintenance managers and project engineers.
  • Asset owners, researchers and consultants
  • Government technical staff and management responsible for monitoring and emergency preparedness.
  • Control System and SCADA Engineers
  • Systems Coordinators/Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Network/Telemetry Engineers
  • Remote Site & Facility Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Emergency Management & Public Safety Professionals
  • Design & System Engineers

Topics Covered:
The summit will consist of two days of educational sessions, and exhibition, pre-conference master classes and intensive workshops focused on solutions in:

  • Integrating IT and SCADA
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Developing a Communication Network
  • Cloud Based Monitoring and Control
  • Developing new SCADA Projects
  • Upgrading SCADA & Industrial Control Systems
  • Standards, Compliance & Certification
  • Security
  • Process Control
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Facility & Industrial Site Monitoring
  • Sensor & Smart Device Integration

Markets & Applications Served:

  • Utilities/T&D
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail and Transportation
  • Remotely Located Facilities & Equipment
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Industrial
  • Renewable Energy
  • Critical Infrastructure

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn best practices and technical advancements you can apply to your products.
  • Network with peers and market-leading technical experts.
  • See a comprehensive array of ideas and methodologies that be applied to your designs and projects.
  • Meet potential business and strategic alliance partners.
  • Attend in-depth workshops and master classes on key technical subjects.
  • Learn the latest market insights and technology development strategies.

Contact Nick Depperschmidt for more information on attending.