See The Big Picture

hiperWith the ever changing landscape of increased threats and challenges to your operations, it has become a requirement, not a want, to utilize technologies that help you stay in front of or close to the threats and challenges that can disrupt your operations causing the loss of revenue, productivity, property and in some cases, the loss of life. Hiperwall, Sitscape and NEC Display Solutions offers a value proposition that addresses these challenges.

Being displayed at booths 205-207, these solutions utilizes software developed for network-based distributed visualization, data analytics/correlation and the most advanced display technology available to reproduce mission critical information in a way that can be used as actionable intelligence. The technology allows users to leverage cost effective and easy to use package of solutions to establish a Common Operating Picture (COP / Dashboard) on a single or multiple video walls or large format display monitors, and even share that visual information to others anywhere in the world. Creating a COP increases situational awareness, improves the collective decision making process, and reduces the time it takes to respond to critical event scenarios.

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