Next Generation of InduSoft Web Studio Launches in 2017

InduSoft has continued the evolution of its SCADA/HMI software offering with InduSoft Web Studio 8.1. The new version will add features to the platform agnostic software for SCADA, HMI, business intelligence dashboards, OEE interfaces, and IIoT applications. The long term goal for InduSoft Web Studio has always been the capability to develop in a single development environment and deploy applications to multiple operating systems, including IoT edge devices, as well as access information from any platform or devices without additional development efforts.

In 8.1, InduSoft Web Studio sees several exciting improvements:

  • HTML5 capabilities have expanded to include support for 100% of the native objects in InduSoft Web Studio. InduSoft has continually been expanding support for all objects into HTML5 for the last several years. Newly supported objects include the Alarm/Event Control, Smart Message, List Box and Push Buttons in addition to the recently added Trend and Grid objects. Together, these objects create the most comprehensive set of tools needed to remotely view and interact with machines, allowing maintenance and operations staff to keep machines and processes running at optimum efficiency.
  • Native support for OPC UA server is now included for the full runtime (Windows 7/8/10/Server), EmbeddedView (Windows Embedded, Windows 10 IoT enterprise) and IoTView (Linux and VxWorks), allowing data exchange directly with a wide range of external OPC UA systems, such as ERP, third-party HMI/SCADA and cloud based systems that provide an OPC UA client.
  • Licensing InduSoft Web Studio has been simplified.
    • o Now all license levels support an unlimited number of concurrent communication drivers (limited only by hardware constraints).
    • o Native communication drivers for the electrical protocols (DNP3/IEC) available for Full Runtime and EmbeddedView, are no longer an add-on.
    • o All Import Wizards (PanelBuilder, PanelMate, and FactoryTalk) are enabled in the same add-on.
    • o Licenses for InduSoft Web Studio no longer restrict the type of Thin Clients, nor set pre-defined packages of Thin Clients. The user can define the exact maximum number of Thin Clients that should be concurrently supported by the license.

InduSoft Web Studio will maintain its commitment to 100% backward compatibility, meaning that applications created in previous versions of the software can still be opened and edited in version 8.1.

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