GEs SCADA Edge Industrial PC Turns Data into Results in Brilliant Machines

Equipping industrial customers with a streamlined solution to improve their data collection and analysis processes, GE announced that its trusted industrial PCs (IPC) will now come complete with the companys supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)/human machine interface (HMI) automation software preinstalled. The integrated SCADA Edge IPC fromGEs Automation & Controls solutionsprovides the intelligent processing power needed to sift through vast amounts of data to uncover actionable information that can be used to proactively manage todays brilliant machines and factories.

With SCADA/HMI software preinstalled on its rugged IPCs, GE is able to deliver streamlined, real-time visibility and control right out of the box, improving decision-making, increasing operator effectiveness and reducing downtime in small- and medium-sized industrial applications through faster and smarter reactions at the plant floor level.The SCADA Edge IPCprovides operators and engineers with the trusted technology and robust performance engine needed to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their environment, equipment and resources.

The Industrial Internet is the new normal for todays factories and infrastructure, said Vibhoosh Gupta, product management leader, GEs Automation & Controls solutions. However, there is quite a bit more to the Industrial Internet than just collecting high-speed data from miles of connected infrastructure. Without a meaningful way to optimize and process data, the immense scope of information being generated by todays connected machines poses a real challenge for todays engineers and operators. This valuable data must be used to increase productivity and throughput. Thats why we have created a combined, preconfigured offering that integrates our IPCs and our advanced automation software.

GEs SCADA Edge IPC provides an integrated solution to help meet the needs of an increasingly connected industrial space. Built on GEs EP industrial PC platform, the new SCADA Edge unit comes preconfigured with either GEsiFIXorCIMPLICITYHMI/SCADA software and can be scaled to 500, 1,500 or 3,000 tags. With this software, the SCADA Edge IPC is able to provide real-time visibility into mass amounts of valuable data, enabling users to make more informed decisions.

With a fanless, solid-state design and industrial-strength components, GEs SCADA Edge is built for maximum reliability and system uptime. The CPU and memory are soldered to the board, boosting reliability and resistance to shock and vibration. In addition, GEs patented heat dissipation technology allows the unit to perform in extreme temperature conditions. This enables customers to collect data and get better insights in the harshest of environments.

The SCADA Edge IPC is available in both a stand-alone or networked configuration. In a standalone configuration, the SCADA Edge IPC is able to connect and collect data locally. The node can then transfer historical data to a central historian for analysis and reporting. Local alarms also can be used to notify and alert field or control room personnel if needed. In a networked configuration, the unit is able to connect to an existing iFIX or CIMPLICITY network to exchange real-time, historical and alarm data with the network. This provides existing iFIX or CIMPLICITY users with added visibility into their disparate assets.

Since both the hardware and software are provided by the same manufacturer, maintenance on GEs SCADA Edge is simplified. Only one point of contact is needed to address all maintenance-related issues. Also, with the technology coming from a single provider, there is more continuity in the system design and setup, which can lead to greater reliability and support. This synergy between software and hardware also improves total cost of ownership (TCO).

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