Check Point and SCADAfence Partner to Secure Smart Manufacturing Networks

SCADAfencehas formeda strategic alliance with Check Point Software Technologies. This collaboration mitigates the inherent risks for manufacturers, such as operational downtime, process manipulation and theft of intellectual property, that can come with connecting operation technology (OT) networks with traditional information technology (IT) networks, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive and food & beverage industries.

While combining OT and IT environments reduces costs and improves productivity for smart manufacturing companies, connecting the two environments opens OT networks to an array of risks, from malicious malware to non-malicious human error. The integration of SCADAfences solution and Check Points security solutions for IT creates a risk-free security solution for entire industrial networks. With SCADAfences passive, non-intrusive solution, administrators and operators have visibility of day-to-day industrial operations and real-time detection of cyber-attacks. Smart manufacturers can also leverage the technology to improve their planning of IT/OT network separation, and internal OT segmentation within industrial networks.

If the production network in a factory is successfully attacked, the effects could seriously endanger people, and cause irreparable damage to the company, said Alon Kantor, vice president of Business Development at Check Point Software Technologies. These attacks are becoming more frequent, and its clear that OT networks need the same quality of protection as IT networks. SCADAfence perfectly complements our IT solution, and we are proud to partner with them to offer our customers the best protection on the market.

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