Emerson Network Power Introduces Liebert GXT4 UPS for Critical Powering of the Edge of IT Infrastructures

Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert GXT4 UPS system for businesses that need critical power protection at the edge of IT infrastructures and remote locations. This true on-line, double conversion Liebert UPS is available for immediate shipment in 500 VA to 3,000 VA at 120 V; 3 kVA to 10 kVA ratings at 208 V; and 700 VA to 10 kVA models at 230 V.  The Liebert GXT4 is available in the US and Canada and in most regions of Asia Pacific.

The Liebert GXT4 UPS provides maximum resiliency and efficient power protection that allows IT managers to respond to changing and growing demands of critical computing performed outside of the core data center. The flexible configurations and design of the Liebert UPS enable faster and easier installation and deployment. Additionally, a high power factor provides more usable capacity, and the selectable Eco-Mode operation helps to maximize efficiency and improve PUE.

“As financial, retail and other organizations move more sensitive compute and storage capacity to smaller IT centers, network closets and remote locations, it’s important that they have the mission-critical protection needed to support these distributed locations,” said Tracy Collins, vice president IT solutions, Emerson Network Power in North America. “The Liebert GXT4 UPS, when combined with the oversight and management offered by our remote monitoring software and the lifecycle support provided by our Liebert Power Assurance Package, provides an unbeatable level of critical and efficient power protection for growing demands on the edge.”

Liebert GXT4 UPS is convertible for rackmount or tower configurations and includes multiple battery options, with certain models (5kVA to 10kVA) now containing factory-installed batteries. New software allows the predefined system configuration file to be quickly replicated across multiple models of the same size, making it easier to deploy more than one unit. The 500 VA to 3 kVA models of the Liebert UPS include two pairs of individually configurable power outlets that are controllable and programmable for various settings, such as load shedding or protecting against unauthorized use. Internal ambient temperature sensors also are now standard on all models of the Liebert UPS.


The ENERGY STARqualified Liebert GXT4 UPS may be purchased as part of the Liebert Power Assurance Package, which provides convenient and cost-effective support for power delivery to small, remote IT sites. More than an extended warranty, the package offers lifecycle support for the Liebert UPS, including a five-year protection plan with full parts coverage, installation and startup, 24/7 on-site repair or replacement service with a guaranteed four-hour response, and removal and disposal of existing equipment, including batteries.

Remote management and monitoring capabilities are provided through out-of-the-box compatibility with the Emerson Network Power Trellisplatform data center infrastructure management system, and with the Liebert Nform and Liebert SiteScan monitoring and reporting systems.

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